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Just feeling cruddy

I don't know what else to say.

This is what happens when I try to read LJ

Sam: (blithers at me for about five minutes on Sonic, Chuck, and all things speedster-specific related to media he enjoy)
Me: Sam, please leave me alone. I'm just trying to cool off.
Sam: Have you put your new bed together yet?
Me: No.
Sam: Are there beds bigger than a king-size bed?
Me: Yes.
Sam: Do you fit in them?
Me: Yes. But I fit in a king-size bed, so why would I need a bigger bed?
Sam: Are you bigger than a king?
Me: Probably.
Sam: Then why don't you need a bed bigger than a king-sized bed?
Me: Get out.

I has the Man Flu

I have the common cold. It of course has turned me into a big whiny baby. Waah.


Tapped out

Karen's away this weekend, but that has no relation to what's going on with me. I have no energy. I'm not certain what's going on, but I just can't seem to get started. Yesterday wasn't as bad - the kids were fairly self-motivating and self-occupying, and are mostly the same today. I got up at 6, gave Sam medicine, and went back to bed. I got up again at 9, and at 10, and when I got up at 10 I decided it would be good if I was actually awake. Well, It's approaching 11, and I just don't have any get-up-and-go. There's cleaning to do, and I'm sure I'll get to it at some point, but I augmented myself at 10:30 am with pain medicine and caffeine, and I'm not certain that they did anything. I'm just tuckered.


Pipsqueak needs a home

Calling all cat lovers. This is Pipsqueak. According to her recent vet visit, she's in good health. However, she is still a cat, and that means she can't come with us when we move. Can anyone give her a good home?


Wow, that's not a recent icon...

I need help. I have a cat that I can't keep. Would anyone like a loveable, neutered, declawed male cat who is about 9 years old? This is Nibbler, and his health is good...but not everyone can breathe around him. Help?

...by the skin of my teeth...

I made it back from the airport to where I stay in Philly. But only barely. I don't think my ten year old car will make it 150 miles home tomorrow. So, first thing tomorrow? Finding an auto mechanic who will try to heal my Honda.

More photos of the kids

Again, not a statement about LiveJournal, but since my smartphone is an Android and my main email is Gmail, I can upload to Picasa from my phone as a minimum of actions and then post to G+ from there most easily. I still haven't updated FB for this album or, for that matter, for the last post I made here.


In this album, the kids are mostly with Sandy and Shirley at the beach. I'm in Asheville and Sandy texted me these pictures. I am so happy they're having fun.

I am not coordinated enough to repost these

So I will simply point you to my G+ posts: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101657952118908696352/posts

My most recent posts are public, but others are friends-only. If you're on G+ and haven't found me yet, I'm findable.

This is not a statement about Livejournal in any way - it's a statement about me and being tired. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the kids.


Where Robert Smith could be introduced to an entirely different rock icon, who could then take credit for creating Smith's band. That icon? Dr. Love, of course. "The first step of the cure is...a kiss!"

Posting to you from Denver

On my way to Vegas. Hoping to not find that a zombie plague has started there. Anyone know...if a zombie plague happens in Vegas, does it STAY in Vegas? Either way, I hope to survive Vegas at the ASHP Midyear.

In case you were unaware

I sent out emails and posted to FB, but didn't post anything here. In the event you missed the news, Karen's surgery went well and she's recovering fine. If you need to know more, drop me an email or reply.



Amidst all the crap, a laugh

Karen's still in the hospital, and still very sick. That's not why I'm posting.

I bought a catnip plant when I bought the latest bottle of enzyme wash to try to get rid of the stench of cat pee in the office. All the leaves disappeared, and I just realized why. It wasn't due to a cat - the cats can't reach the plant where it is.

I bought a catnip plant with a caterpillar on it. Yes, I've been feeding a bug catnip. Yay.

It's the same old story...

...same old song and dance, my friend.

Getting to the Asheville airport from work? Easy as pie. I left at 6:40pm and pulled into the rental car lot at 7:00pm. My plane was taking off at 8:24pm, so plenty of time, right? I turned in my rental car key, and went to deposit my bags with USAir.

The ticket agent pulled up my record and went "Hrm."
"What's up?" I asked, already knowing the answer.
He grimaced. "Your plane is running a few minutes late. It left Philly late, so it left Charlotte late, so it's going to leave here late. Let's see if you'll be able to make your connecting flight..." I waited while he poked at the computer. "Well, you might make it, but you're two minutes shy of your connecting time. You'd have to run. Oh, and you don't want to stay in Charlotte tonight, because there won't be any hotel rooms. And I can't get you on a later flight, because there aren't any."

For want of a nail, man. My 8:24pm flight is now scheduled to take off at 8:42 pm. 18 minutes is all it takes. I guess I'm going to find out in a ocuple of hours if I'll be sleeping in the airport in Charlotte, or if I'll drive home from there...and if I'll get my luggage when I land in DC, or if I get it some time afterwards. Yay.

Losing the fight against a headache

I slept in yesterday, and took a nap in the afternoon, and then didn't sleep well overnight. I wonder why? I felt rested, though.

I got up with the sun this morning, and headed out to donate blood. Well, it turns out that what the Red Cross website says and what the donor center does are two entirely different things. Shocker. Luckily, that didn't impede my plans. I went out to Hendersonville to the Apple Festival and took a look. There is nothing that smells like funnel cakes except funnel cakes. Gosh, I wish they were kosher. I bought me a book and a couple of snarky magnets for the fridge and lunchboxes for the kids and (when it got hot) an iced coffee. I walked through again to be certain that I didn't need to stay, and left. And thirty seconds after I got in the car, it poured rain.

I came back to the hotel and had some lunch, and then realized I was growing a headache. I took some headache medicine and got on the treadmill. Then I came back to the room and began to prep for doing laundry. I did said laundry, and then folded it and put it away. And golly, does my head hurt.

This week at work will be a typical one - I need to get 40 hours in before I fly out Thursday. I know I have more than 8 hours of stuff to do tomorrow, so it's not bad...I plan to get up early tomorrow to tackle the work. I've taken some more medicine, and I plan to lie down to see if that helps.

G'night, all.

unrelated to Abbie Hoffman, skip this post

One of Niven's Laws states that one of the world's dullest subjects is someone else's diet. That being said, I'm not dieting (I'm in fact, at the moment, drinking a Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA - 9% ABV!) but the topic I wish to post about should be on the list.

Don't read this! You were warned!Collapse )

Then the question remains: what do I do with my Sunday?

one last thought before bed

I will have to talk more about the "economy" car I got tonight from Thrifty...and why the above icon is not ironic when I tell you it was a Ford Mustang.

4am, yay!

Just got to my hotel room. 15.5 hours of flight travel to equal a 492 mile drive. Now, to get two hours of sleep...

the waiting game

Karen got me to BWI in plenty of time to get on my flight to Cleveland, so th. I might even get some sleep that morning!at I could catch my connecting flight to Greenville. My plane should have left already, but it's not.even.here. It will get to Cleveland, at best, half an hour after the flight to Greenville leaves.

So, I now hope to go to Chicago to connect to Greenville. If I get there, I will get there four hours late. I guess we'll see how the day goes.

*EDIT* My plane may get there before midnight. If so, I can drive to Asheville. I might even get there in time to sleep before work!

I was going to talk about my week...

...but then Karen sent me this picture. The triplets decided to sleep on the sofa bed tonight, and this was the result.

I crush your head! I crush your head!Collapse )

Need I say more?


Friday's storm killed our power. We survived over Shabbos with the house eventually getting to 84F. Overnight it only cooled off to 83F, and that meant we needed to get out of Dodge. Luckily, Camp Glazer was open (thanks, jeannegrrl!) and we're spending the night. Kids spent the day in the pool, I spent the day making sure no one drowned. Hopefully PEPCO will return electricity to our home before the week is over.

Quite a delayed followup

I made a post about my dad a couple of weeks after he passed away, in 2007. A couple of weeks ago, evilellie responded to it to say that she had a picture of her dad, Wayne, in some advertisements for my dad's business - her dad used to work for my dad. She posted a link there (you can follow the link above if you want all the pictures) but one of the shots shows my dad sitting on a stool next to her dad & my dad's business partner of the time. Here it is, behind a cut as it's freakin' hugeRead more...Collapse )Thanks, Ellie & Wayne!

Tobie understands real estate

We had discovered in the past that when we built cribs for our kids we needed to be careful when assembling them, as they could not be removed from any of the rooms in our house without disassembling them. None of our doors are as wide as a standard crib.

We've had Tobie in the next room to us for a long time; she used to be in our room, but we moved her next door to what is putatively my office/library area so that she wasn't directly in line of sight/sound of the TV in our bedroom. The wall between the two rooms is not complete and so we can hear her without a baby monitor, although sometimes noise we make wakes her when she's not in a total sleep.

Well, she's outgrowing where she's sleeping, so we bought her a brand new crib (our first!) and assembled it upstairs in the second bedroom, down the hall from the bedroom above ours. Adding another piece of furniture to the triplets' room would be silly, and unlikely to get everyone to sleep well. The other bedroom is less crowded, and she's almost two...we thought it was a good choice.

Tobie was less impressed. She wanted no part of her new crib and cried until she was brought downstairs to her usual & expected sleeping place. She already understands real estate. When it comes to where your crib is, it's location, location, location.

at Hopkins with Karen

In case you haven't been following along on FB, Karen has been sicker than normal. Today is day six on her current stay. With luck and good care, she will be out tomorrow. Yee-ha. I would write more (or would have written earlier) but life has been pretty busy. Go figure.

Irene, we survived

Power went off at about 4 a.m. Kids got up at around half past 6. They played nicely for the most part; Tobie needed a nap around half past 9, and power came back on about an hour later. Kids dropped playing nicely and are now attached to the idiot box. I get to post to say that we are alive. Hooray!