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C'mon, kids! Sing it with me! "It's home improvement time..."

After looking once more at the convention schedule (my pharmaceutical fraternity national convention starts today) I realized that everything until 6pm is 'welcome!' stuff. So, I don't need to get there until late...if I show up after 5, parking is free at the hospital, and the hotel is walking distance. This means that I can spend today Doing Stuff.

General things I need to do involve going to the gym, taking care of some paperwork, calling Comcast, going to the lab to fix my blood work paperwork (they billed the wrong insurance carrier), cleaning my office, working on some tax stuff (we'll see if that website is spiffy or not), and going to the menswear store to get myself a new tuxedo shirt (and, hopefully, some casualwear so I'm not completely uncomfortable for the rest of the week at the convention). I also have a little bit of money stuff to clear up, but that mostly has to do with the fact that we don't have enough. *grin*

However, having spent much of this morning, relaxing in bed, listening to the toilet run, I think it's time for another run to Home Depot.'s a list of things to get. You can skip this part.

flat of periwinkle for the front yard
Doorbell components
Floodlight for dining room
Bush clippers so I can get to the last hosta
Outlet for the downstairs bathroom
Outdoor thermometer

Hmm...if Karen feels better, we could run to Lowe's to look at Pergo. Failing that, I could run to Ikea to replace the halogen torch for our living room. Hmm... :)

Update: I was going to buy a toilet fixture (& a book on how to fix plumbing) as I mentioned above, but now that I've opened up the tank, I saw something stuck in the float valve; once that was taken out, that solved part of the problem. Our water bill went down by $5 for the first part of this year, so unless it goes significantly up when it shows up, I'll let this slide.

Okay, that should do it. If anyone can think of anything I've forgotten, now's the time to remind me.
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