Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

Downtime is a wonderful thing

So here's why I haven't used the journal since Sunday:

Monday: I spent the morning doing stuff around the house (yes, it was even *clean* for a bit) and minor errands, and then worked the evening. Note that I worked but didn't want to look areligious and so didn't do much online. Not that I can keep myself off...I'm an addict, but I try.

Tuesday: I spent the morning and early afternoon in synagogue (happy Sukkot, y'all) and then worked the evening.

Wednesday: I spent much of the day doing MIB stuff. I now have the NE Region webpages back online (but not all the links lead where they're supposed to...) and have a good chunk of the paperwork dealt with. Eudora isn't as user-friendly as Netscape Mail in dealing with mail that's been munged with HTML. Then I went early to my blood donation appointment (which was good, because the Red Cross was busy) and decided to wait, no matter how long things took. That ended up to be about 3 hours. And it would have been longer, except that I bleed fast. I got to gaming an hour late, and they almost called it due to no-shows, but we got a bit done. I'm enjoying fighting with Jeff over characterization.

Today I worked the morning, and felt not too well. Lunch sat even worse with me than dinner last night. I talked with my doctor briefly (I do that less rarely than you think, due to my profession) and he mentioned that fried foods might be the culprit. I'll see if going without them for a bit helps. Came home to find my sweetie dead to the world...she's still getting over her cold, and got to work even earlier than me. I watched the taped episodes of Enterprise and West Wing from this week, and felt a lot better afterwards. Good television does exist.

So now, I'm going to flog against the MIB stuff once more, and not think about the insanity at work. I hope that things will clear up soon, so I can post good news rather than bitching further.
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