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I realized that it had been a while since I'd posted personally. This is because things are status quo for the most part.

Karen and I have made it to Woodside two weeks in a row, now. Last week was a bit of a schlep back from shul, but at least the morning walk wasn't too warm. I've started going to the gym again, so perhaps I'll find some shape other than this round one I'm using. That would be surprising. :)

Work is pretty normal. I've now spent 3 days training in the Pediatric pharmacy, so I feel a lot more comfortable knowing what goes on there, in case I need to fill Peds orders while working in Trauma. There was some confusion about a raise, but it's cleared up now. I'm scheduled to work a double on Thursday, but it may be a scheduling error; if so, then I won't run the risk of overtaxing myself. Oh, they finally gave me garage parking near the hospital. We'll see if this positively affects my commute'd be nice.

I've run two roleplaying sessions successfully; the one coming up tomorrow night should be the big finale for this arc. I'm using some of my backup brainpower to figure out what to do. There is much plotting going on.

Oh, and Pipsqueak says hi. Well, technically, she says "Mrreaow?", but of course you knew that.

And soon I shall be off to the gym. Exciting, wot?
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