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My other journals, among other things

It's been busy lately, both in and out of work. I've valiantly tried (and sometimes succeeded) in appropriately updating my other two journals, sethrpg and mib_khan.

The first journal is a log and informational site for the guys in my Wednesday night GURPS group. I'm running a combination of Alternate Earths and Technomancer, which won't mean much to you if you don't visit the GURPS homepage. So far so good. We've had one character killed and another maimed, but the players seem to be having fun, so it's all good. I'm continuing to push onwards. I've heard one person mention that the writeups I've posted are "kinda dense", so if anyone has any suggestions on how to make them more readable to those not participating in the group, I'd appreciate it. We're taking a bye this week so that I can attend the board meeting of Kappa Chapter AZO (my pharmaceutical fraternity). I'm also running behind on finishing the first newsletter for AZO (I'm the Assistant Secretary for the national chapter; doing the newsletter is most of my job) so perhaps I'll be able to finish it this week as I won't be running the game.

To follow Mib Khan's misadventures (if you're into weird Star Trek parody fic) I recommend going to uss_murgatroid and clicking on the friends link. That'll give you a chronological selection of what's going on, so that you can try to follow sequentially what's been happening. In short, we've spent the last few weeks on starbase668, and we haven't blown it up. Yet. I'd like to be able to post more, but when I realized I needed to catch up here, I knew that it would have to wait again. :)