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In a perfect world, our handyman Jim and his floor-installing friend Mike would have come over (like they said) at 8:30 to quote us a price for installing the hardwood. Well, they're not here yet, so I might as well write.

I just brought in the recycling bin, the hose, the welcome sign, and the spider plants. Charlie is as happy as a pig in shit now that the spider plants are inside. He doesn't have to go out to graze. I didn't want to bring the trash cans in, so I got some bungee cords out of my car's trunk, and bungeed them to the wheelbarrow. The whellbarrow, by the way, is an ancient rusted monstrosity we borrowed from Jim that he hasn't felt a need to take back. The hope is that they won't all fly away. Let us pray.

Karen and I started to take apart the downstairs, in preparation for the installation. I got rid of my oldest, most decrepit (and smallest) bookcase from my office, and brought up the blonde bookcase from the dining room in its place. I filled that back up with most of the books that were in it downstairs and forgot to move the power cord for the I won't be moving the fan any time soon. We've got some more stuff to box up in the downstairs, but until the guys come by, we're not exactly panicking.

When the guys started bringing in the boxes of flooring, I realized it was time to make our small green carpet go out with the trash as well. It nearly broke her heart, but Karen separated a few books out from the bookshelf that she thought she could live without. I'll donate them to the Wheaton Library next chance I get.

Once that's done, there really aren't too many home improvement projects remaining. There are, (you can sigh with relief now) other cool things going on.

I read an email posted on the Tikvat Israel listserve. It was from a friend I haven't seen in a couple of years. I sent it around to some other friends, including mscongeniality, and we did confirm that the email was from Shaiel. His email address was in the posting, and I sent him a note. We've exchanged replies a couple of times since then. He hasn't responded yet in the last day or so, but he's in the armed forces in Israel, so I'm thinking that he won't have loads of free time to be on the computer. After I pointed out mscongeniality, morganminstrel and myself, he expressed interest in LJ. The easiest way to get a code quick was to upgrade estherchaya to a paid account, which we have done. Karen still wants to change her username, so that'll happen when she gets around to it.

I ran my roleplaying game last night...all went well, despite my being irritated at one of the players. I had taken too much pain medication earlier on top of too little sleep, so I was worried that I wouldn't be real functional, but I think it went fine.

I'm sure there's other nonwork stuff that I could talk about, but I can't think of anything right now. I'd want to post something else, so I'll do that separately.

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