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So, I was flipping stations on the way to work this morning. (I have no CD player in my car, just a tape player, and I haven't swapped tapes in a while.) I turned on 103.1, which is a bandwidth normally served by WRNR in Annapolis. They play an eclectic mix of music, as they're privately owned and their Arbitron ratings are clearly not their first concern. They're like a college radio station without the college.

They have started to play more mainstream stuff...they've been around for more than a decade, and I guess they wanted to start making money or something. But this morning, when I tuned to 103.1, the weather must not have been cooperating. I heard bits of "The Tide Is High" by Blondie, and "Gravedigger" by Dave Matthews. I listened to one or the other fading in and out, and was never able to figure out which one was being played by 103.1. It was...interesting.