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Catching up

I got to work late this morning. Why? I downloaded the 90+ messages that I needed to catch up on, from my email. Am I caught up? No, I haven't dealt with any listserve stuff yet. It'll be next week before that's all done. I'm not caught up on LJ yet either, so if you've been looking for me to comment, you can now see what my week's been like.

I worked a shift at the hospital on Sunday, and then raced home to pack and go to Ellen's. Conveniently, she had planned to feed everyone, so I didn't go into Yom Kippur with an empty belly. We got to services a few minutes late, so we only caught the end of Kol Nidre. I hate missing the most elegant prayer in Judaism...but then again, Woodside doesn't have a professional cantor, so perhaps I didn't miss unforgettable music. The rest of the evening's services were excellent, but I was glad that they were over...I'd been up at 5am in order to get to work. We went back to Ellen's, and I crashed.

Thanks to Karen's insomnia, I was up on time the next morning. I made it to services almost on time, and did my best. I made it through Shacharit, and past Yizkor, but I ran out of steam around 2pm. I went back and crashed again. Karen came back later, and we chatted with Ellen's kids for a bit, but I eventually fell asleep again. Karen went back to services when they restarted later that afternoon, but I stayed asleep. All the better to succeed in fasting, my pretty. When Yom Kippur ended, I packed up...and after Karen returned, we went home. We were planning to both go to a break fast, but no meds, sleep, and then fasting gave Karen a big headache. I went without her, and had a lovely time. She was recovered after some food, meds, and sleep. :)

Tuesday I worked, and afterwards drove to Philadelphia. I got to see Jay and Joy, and due to their hospitality didn't have to schlep extremely early to the seminar. The seminar ran from 8am to 2pm, and was excellent. I hope to have more time to write about it another time. I then got lost leaving the hotel, but eventually made it to South Street to hang out and watch wacky people...and a bizarre phone call from Hillel that matched the scene. Krispy Kreme and gasoline? Wacky. After hanging out, I evenutually made my way to Chinatown for a good kosher vegetarian dinner with Jay and Joy, and then I hit the road home. Made it back by 10:30pm, and then eventually crashed.

Work this morning, Admin for the first time for real. Interesting, but I never really felt like I got things done...I spent much of the day putting out fires in one way or another. Then I eventually made it home...to a phone call reminding me to pick up the lulav and etrog from synagogue. That done, I returned to dishes, and now I'm trying to get an update in.

Exciting, wot? Oh, and the bozos installing hardwood downstairs still haven't finished. Yesterday they needed to do the last 30 square feet of kitchen, and do the moulding. Today, they still have moulding to do, and have about 20 square feet to cover. *sigh* Well, they have one more day before I cancel the check...