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5am and all's well...except for what's not

I need to leave directly from work and go to Rockville, to help out at an afternoon service. So, I'm up early (early to bed and early to rise...thanks a lot, Franklin...I don't feel especially wise) to print directions via Mapquest and all that jazz. Since I won't have time to stop at home after work or before heading to gaming, I pretty much need to take everything with me. Oh, and by 'everything', that includes a menu for a kosher food place on the way from Rockville to VA, because I (again) won't have time to stop at home.

One of the other continuing joys of LJ is that the cluster that I'm on is the Ribeye cluster, which is of course the one's been having trouble with. One of the few reasons I was able to get anything out of LJ yesterday was that I have a paid account...which, of course, is about to expire. So, unless you're feeling generous, I'll be spending money soon to make sure I still have access. Freakin' LJ monkey on my back... :)

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