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The weekend so far...

Thursday was a long day at work...I had a meeting at 9am, and was scheduled to staff (no kidding) from 8pm to 9pm. So, I stayed the whole day, even though it wasn't all that stressful. Friday turned out to be an incredibly hectic day at work, and blew out my strength reserves...I was actually having trouble standing later that evening. At least I didn't feel ill, the way I had a couple of times earlier this week.

Work eventually ended, and I high-tailed it home. Karen had packed us up for the weekend, so we headed to Ellen's. Services were good Friday night, dinner was good, and even though I was beat (as I mentioned above) I stayed awake until after 9pm. Shocking, wot? Then I called it a night, and got up on time for services the next morning.

Services were also good on Saturday. We've started over (that's what the recent holiday of Simchat Torah was, a celebration of ending the 5 books of Moses and starting them over) so this week we were in Noah. Because I was sick last weekend, I missed the whole shebang where we all get started. :) At any rate, even though I'd slept well, I ready to leave immediately after services ended. My stomach had decided to become upset, and since it has veto powers, I needed to go.

Back to Ellen's we went. I tried to stay awake, but failed. Karen got me up in time for afternoon services, and informed me that she wouldn't be joining me in between services at the Paul's. Scott Paul and his family have just moved into the neighborhood, into a house directly behind the synagogue, so it's incredibly easy to step off the parking lot and into their backyard. I was there to learn Torah or Talmud (or whatever topic the others brought up) and hang out with Scott, Mike, and Harold, but I was also there to meet the hedgehog.

Hedgehog, you ask? Karen recently decided she wanted a hedgehog. I've never seen a hedgehog before, let alone thought of one as a pet. Since they're not easy to get, and we already own cats, I thought it would be good to meet one. It is convenient that the Paul's own one, so the appointment was made. While we were learning, Ellen Paul (Scott's wife) brought the little critter down. He'd had a rough week...they'd had to take him to the vet the previous week because something was seriously wrong with him...I never found out what.

So, hedgehogs are seriously cute! This was an albino, and since we had bright light on, and they're nocturnal, he really wasn't interested in doing much. Not that he does much's a pet somewhat like a guinea pig, except smaller, and with sharp pointy spikes over most of its body. It had a soft white underbelly, and cute little real-fur (the spikes are a kind of hair) sideburns running down its when it wasn't rolled up into a ball, it was pleasant to hold. It decided to lick my hand vigorously, for reasons known only to it (What was on my hand? salt? soap? who knows?) which was very endearing.

After our last experience with a third pet in the house, I'd been worried. When we'd had a visit from Phoebe the ferret, the cats had been scared for a day, and then spent the rest of Phoebe's visit trying to find the toy prize inside. Not so good for Phoebe, who while still a predator, was a predator that weighed 1/6th of what either of the cats weighed. After holding a hedgehog (and having to let it drop off my hand because holding it hurt too much) I'm not concerned about the cats abusing it. They have a pretty good learning curve, and after hurting themselves a couple of times trying to smack it, they'll probably leave it alone. It'll spend most of its time in a cage, anyway, so no worries. I've no idea what one costs, and there are no breeders in this area, so I don't know that we're in a screaming rush anyway.

After finishing at the Paul's, we went back for the rest of services. There was one more service I was unfamiliar with (nope, don't know why we were praying in the direction of the moon...the prayers were not translated to English) and then I went back to Ellen's and we packed up and went.

Karen listened to the messages at home, and realized she had at some point volunteered to babysit for a friend, so off she went. I did a little laundry, and made a couple of phone calls. I let Ian know he was welcome to come over and borrow some DVD's for his upcoming trip to New Orleans, and I called Jim and Karynya to let them know that I was home and still interested in having them pick me up for Rocky Horror. Ian and Alida came over with ice cream (woo hoo!) and we watched some Halloween-appropriate Muppets episodes. The DVD in question starts off with Alice Cooper, and then has Vincent Price. Jim and Karynya came in during Vincent Price. Ian and Alida packed up after it was over, and J&K stayed for the final episode, Marty Feldman. Then we got going.

We got there plenty early, which is good. More than half the reason to go is to hang out with friends. J&K (gwiii & spooky_lu) were of course there, as my ride; Arthur and Vanessa (allah_sulu & hat_madigan) are in the cast; Kate (agroupie) and Glen were in town; Jeff and Lisa were working the cast that evening, and Amy (who I had not met yet, but had seen around as cthulugrrl) was also there. Silliness ensued. If you want to go see it yourself in this area, visit SLCT for information.

So, even though my body woke me up after less than 6 hours sleep, I feel reasonably good. I had some breakfast, and Karen's still asleep. I'm sure there's lots of things I can accomplish in between now and this evening, when we'll be going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Yes, one year tomorrow. :) We got back on Saturday and discovered that Karen's Dad and his wife had sent flowers and a card. Very nice. Since I plan productiveness, this is where this will end, for now.
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