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A day for giving thanks

Hello, all. Happy Thanksgiving. I just looked at what I've been posting about for the last couple of months. Things must have been busy, because I mostly wrote about day to day things. However, by some miracle, I have the day off...and so I can be more expansive.

Today I am thankful. I am thankful for Karen, my wonderful wife. I am thankful for my fine collection of friends, both on and off LJ. I'm thankful for my work, which I enjoy. I'm thankful for my health...I still have some left. I'm thankful for Karen's health, which has been much improved over the beginning of this year.

I'm thankful for rising property values, which make me feel like I did something smart when I moved here a few years ago. I'm thankful for my car, which (despite a recent blow to the pocketbook) has a tremendous grin factor. I'm thankful for spare time, which can be used to have fun and do interesting things.

I could go on (and I would like to) but I'd get less and less specific or interesting over time. And so, we are celebrating this day by having family over. I shall soon be doing my best to clean our humble home from bottom to top, while Karen puts together another of her amazingly fine meals. I work again tomorrow morning. We'll be at Ellen's this weekend, and thus have an easy trip to synagogue. I'm looking forward to a good few days, and I'm thankful for this.
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