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A good weekend was had. I wasn't especially comfortable (a couple of my little ailments wouldn't stop bothering me) and it made me tired...but with the help of Karen and some others from shul who helped me medicate, I made it to services and wasn't a total grouch. :)

Last night, we had our connected neighbors over for dinner. We live in a piggyback townhouse, which is to say that the only wall we don't have in common with neighbors is the front wall...the left, right, and back sides are all firewalls with other townhomes. So, we had the Deitz's over, as well as our neighbor Joan. I felt bad at first because we hadn't had them over earlier (I've lived there 3 years, and Karen almost that long)...but then again, the place is actually presentable now, which is a big plus. I also felt bad that Anna spent most of the meal wrangling Gwen (her and Jason's two year old), but I didn't have a better idea on what else could be done. At any rate, everyone was fed quite well, and a good time was had by all.

We're gearing up for our Chanukah party. I'll let Karen post the details, but it looks like it's going to be quite fun. :) She'll probably post from her new computer, which should be here today or tomorrow. This is good, because her old one is on its last legs.

We have tix for RotK on the 17th. Life is good.

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