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Last week

I'm sure there's something I'll miss, so here's the quick summary: I had Sunday off and used it to demo Cheapass Games at Dream Wizards. Monday I saw LotR: TTT at the Uptown with psujedi and caryabend. Then Wednesday the four (now including estherchaya) of us went for LotR:RotK, and Karen and I ran into chite in line. A good flick, and you can check most of the abovementioned journals (or any of our friendslists) for thoughts on the movies. I recommend the review at Bob the Angry Flower because I like how he writes.

Folks at shul lent us their home while they were away this weekend, so we had an easy walk with minimal chaos. Usually we stay at Ellen's, and the three kids make things interesting. I slept a lot again this weekend (like I did last weekend) but since the walking distance was minor I did make it to morning services. We came home afterwards - I did some cleaning and Karen ran some errands, and then we watched some of the Buffy Season 5 that Karen bought us for Chanukah. Then, to sleep. Yay, glorious sleep. :)


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Dec. 21st, 2003 05:16 pm (UTC)
Saw ROTK twice on Wednesday; turned down a third time with Jim and K Saturday because I had too much to do...
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