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...but since I just got a phone call from Felonious Bob, I figured I'd update on him.

Some of his fellow prisoners (in another wing of the prison) celebrated the new year by setting a fiberglass laundry cart on fire last night. So, the prison was locked down this morning, and the whole place was just a bit smoky. He's received the Smithsonian membership I sent him (I was only interested in sending him the magazine, but I guess he got a membership as well.) His member card also has his inmate number, which amuses him. He's going to also get their air & space magazine, for something else to read. He got my recent letter, but hasn't gotten the last shipment of books yet; apparently mail call is often, and 'property call' is only every couple of weeks or so. He sent the books that he needed to get rid of to his friend Jensen's, but if we have any interest in books we've been sending him, we should drop him a postcard and he'll send them our way when he's done with 'em. That's generally it.

He says hi and happy new year...unless of course, you're one of those people he doesn't give a shit about. Just thought you should know.


Jan. 2nd, 2004 10:04 am (UTC)
So, are there any other holidays that are celebrated in prison by burning stuff?

Because I can understand it for 4th of July, but that's about it.