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3am, and all's swell

I worked from 10:20am yesterday to 1:45am today.
1:30pm-10pm was my shift in Trauma. I'm still rusty, which is bad. But I don't think I killed anyone, so it's good.
I got a lot of Robot stuff done today. I spent 10pm-1:30am rearranging the contents of the Robot. Now all the slow-moving teensy-weensy packages are as far away from the conveyor belt as possible, confined to a less-important rack. Next will be to pop the fast-moving t-w packages next to the conveyor, if possible.
I'm working overnight the next two nights. This is good for doing Robot stuff.
I'm working overnight the next two nights in Gudelsky. That's 8 stories up and one city block away from the Robot. That's bad for doing Robot stuff.
I'm working with another pharmacist in Gudelsky. That's good for Robot...I can abandon him for the Robot. I'm training him, so I probably won't get away with it as much as I'd like. That's bad for the Robot.
After finishing work on the 2nd at 7am, I don't have to be back until the 8th. So I have some impetus to get stuff done ahead of time, as I won't be around work much for a bit. OTOH, it's nice to get away. I still have more than 180 hours of assorted leave, so I don't mind that due to Passover that I'll only be working 5 days in the next two weeks.
And now is not the time to try to figure out how much I'm making per hour vs. the 5% raise that CVS employees got last year in the DC area. Math is hard.


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Mar. 31st, 2004 04:40 pm (UTC)
Good plan. I chose the 'sleep' option instead, though.
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