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Over is Passover

We've spent most of the last 8 days away, at various houses of varied friends. It was good to not be home during Passover, although we still cooking for us at our friends' houses. It was also bad to not be at home during sleep cycle is still off kilter (due to working overnights/not working/not sleeping in my own bed), and I suspect that Karen's is as well.

So, the remainder of this week: three days of work (in the morning/afternoon vs. night) before the weekend should help the sleep cycle. Also, the previous three days have been rainy, which doesn't do wonders for diurnality...the rain's supposed to be over today or tomorrow, another help. Another partial fix is that we'll be staying home this weekend, so I'll be in our bed at bedtime, as usual. Hopefully there will be no more kvetching on this topic.

We put aside the South Beach Diet for Passover. It would have been doable, but incredibly difficult due to our being at other people's houses and the whole 'not cooking' thing. There's definitely a link between what I eat and how unpleasant my stomach wants to be in return...this morning it's complaining bitterly. *shrugs* Not much I can do...we haven't converted back to non-Passover foods yet, so choices are limited. We haven't gone shopping yet, and the small fridge froze the pre-Passover foods. No cereal for moi this morning.

A couple of Tums have lessened the roaring of the Gut Monster. Yay. Also, as a prelude to restarting South Beach (amusingly Freudian slipped by one of our hosts recently as the 'South Park Diet' - something I should write up when I get a chance) we should figure out what Passover carbs should be eaten and which trashed. No way we'll be able to get anyone to actually take them off our hands, as we did pre-Passover with our stored carbalicious one's that crazy as to want Passover foods right now.

I'm caught up on LJ posts, but haven't replied much due to time constraints. If you would like my input on something, please let me know.
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