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For those who didn't feel like reading the last post

The last post...

The translation:

Projects in progress:
Roof repair
Living room furniture delivery
Kashering & setting up the kitchen
Yard maintenance

Priorities for the rest of the year:
Additional beds (guest bedroom, etc.)
Window treatments
Send out mailing (email & snailmail) to update address with friends & family
Housewarming party
Check out Josh & Dalit's spare window a/c unit & dehumidifier
Get electrician out to install ceiling fans and fix various & sundry electrical problems
Test smoke detectors. Replace any faulty detectors, & install CO2 detector.
Have furnace inspected & serviced
Buy more bookshelves
Start to deal with redo of bathroom on 1st floor

Next year:
During winter, investigate installation of central air
Start to deal with redo of kitchen on 1st floor
After winter ends, replace water heater

The following year:
demolish basement, redo basement

The year after that:
Finish the attic

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