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*ring* *ring*

"Hi, can I speak to Mr. Cohen?"
"This is James from ADT Security Systems. We're giving away 10 free security systems in your neighborhood. We've given away 8 so far. You're next on our list. Do you already have a security system?"
"What brand do you have?"
"Smith & Wesson."
"Are you happy with that brand?"
(Now I'm nonplussed, because he didn't react.) "Yes."
"Thank you, sir. Have a good day."

Did he not hear me, or does he not know what S&W is? Weird...


Jul. 8th, 2004 11:07 am (UTC)
for some odd reason, tele-marketers have stopped calling me. Weird. Maybe it was because I started to call them back and tracing their phone calls and harrasing them.

I have ISDN service at my house. For those that don't know ISDN is like and Uber-phone line, infact its two uber phone lines. Anyway, I WORK with telephones and I set up my router to be able to trace calls and log them, so when I get particularly boared I look up who called me on what line and I have the correct number, not just what they present to me, all the way back to thier local PBX (inhouse telephone switch) So I can call them back all personal like and tell them to cut it out.

By the way, If you can do it, It really freaks them out when I tell them that I know what company they are really working for (all that information comes through in the ISDN line also and you can't block it with *68). They may say that they are calling for Sears, but they really work for Hanson's Telemarketers. And when you tell them that, they get freaked out and want to know how you know that. I simply tell them that they to can have this information for three simple payments of $29.99....

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