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Shore Leave 2004

(I started this post on 7/12, and ran out of time to finish it. I've now rewritten it for the way-past-tense that it should be written in. Don't you feel better now that you've seen it?)

I left work that Friday at 4pm, which was later than I'd planned. Despite that, I hit no traffic and made it to Hunt Valley on time. I coordinated with Jo & Cary, dropped stuff off in the room, and then rushed (so I could wait) to donate blood for the Red Cross. After that ordeal, I went back up to the room, made my stuff and myself comfortable, and wandered downstairs to find everyone at dinner.

I held down a chair, but didn't have anything to eat. When Calvin showed up, I tagged out (giving him the chair) and went upstairs to pray. After doing so, Jo & Cary showed. Jo lit candles, I blessed wine and bread, and I ate. They hung out while I did so, and then we all went downstairs to wander around and see who was there.

Turns out there was a fair number of people I knew. Jeanette and her husband Ron were there, as well as Ken and Vicki. I saw Crystal and Steve Brinich, and on Saturday I saw Scott Lesher. I also ran into Dan (whose last name is escaping me), a dealer who I'd had a lot of contact with when I was a MIB. Nice guy. I also met the usual rotating crowd of people in Jo and Cary's crowd, not all of whom make it to every one of these conventions. I meet new people each time through them, in other words.

I augmented my consciousness with caffeine that evening, then went to bed when the caffeine stopped helping me stay awake. The next morning I was up at my usual time (my biorhythms are set to get me up in the mornings these days) and tried my best to be quiet to avoid waking Jo & Cary. I was unsuccessful, but I did try. I prayed again, then set out to enjoy the day. I caught a session with Mercedes McNab (Harmony on Buffy and Angel, and the Girl Scout in the Addams Family movies), another session partially run by Peter David (if you haven't read him, you should) and then hung out in the game room for several hours. After that, it was time for the costume contest. Costumes were pretty, and afterwards there was fun and frivolity. I seem to remember dancing to my usual three songs at the dance (Shout, the Time Warp, and Paradise by the Dashboard Light). I had plenty to drink, and nearly fell off my chair when I overheard something Ken said to his drunk minion as they left the dance floor. It's unprintable, so I won't repeat it. Ken is kyjellico, so bugger him if you want details. I realized that this night I was too drunk to be good company, so I eventually headed to bed.

I don't remember anything important happening Sunday. I know I picked up new buttons from Nancy (aka the Calligraphic Button Catalogue) and needed to get back home so that we could spend time with drmellow and Mrs. Mellow (who I think has a LJ ID, but I don't know what it is) and bodnej and his lovely bride and son. I believe that estherchaya already wrote about this in some detail, but the long and short of it is that fun was had. It was good to see everyone, of course.

Isn't that enough?
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