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House update

Here's what's going on with the house:
I spoke to our roofing contractor. They'll be happy to get out as soon as they get caught up with the people ahead of us. They would have been out earlier, except that it keeps raining. *shrugs*
I spoke to an electrical contractor. He'll come out in the next couple of weeks.
I spoke to a HVAC contractor. He'll schedule an appointment in a month or so, because checking the heating system isn't a screaming need, and we're not planning to install central air this year.
I bought a CO2 detector and put it in the downstairs kitchen. That's as close as I can get to the furnace and the garage, so that an alarm will go off if CO2 is accumulating downstairs. There'll be a CO2 detector with the security system, so we won't need one upstairs. I still haven't tested all of the smoke detectors, but the one in the kitchen goes off when you hit the test button. I guess that's good for something.
We had another exterminator visit. T-3 days until all ants are dead. Mmm...dead ant.
Our handyman hooked up the water to the icemaker. Now we have automatic ice. Woo hoo!
I bought and installed a second window air conditioning unit. That makes all the difference...I can leave the air conditioners set at 75F and don't expect that the house will be 80F when I return later.
Almost all of the kitchen cabinets and drawers have new contact paper. I unpacked a half a dozen assorted boxes this week, and also got rid of some of our garaged box collection by giving them to someone else who is moving.
I can't mow the lawn. The new lawn mower, of course, needs to be repaired. Yay.
Our new furniture is great. The rip in the back of the big chair is now repaired. Cheers for functioning customer service. And speaking of furniture, between the new beds and the sleeper sofa, we could now accomodate having 4 more people sleep over at our house. Spiffy, eh?

Things to do:
Find contractor to assess termite damage
Finish current kitchen setup
Design new kitchen, hire contractors, take old kitchen apart, replace kitchen with new kitchen
Fix lawn mower
Window treatments
Send out "We've moved" mailing
Housewarming party
Test remaining smoke detectors
Buy more bookshelves after figuring out places for more bookshelves to go
Donate Karen's old car to charity
Take my car in for service
Put my name on the title of the house

Long term:
Redo upstairs bathroom, replace water heater, finish attic, redo basement.
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