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Sleep, that elusive will o' the wisp, once again escapes me

Last night was lovely.

Jo, Cary, Karen and I went out last night to celebrate many and diverse events: Jo's promotion and upcoming 28th birthday, Cary's new job, Karen's new job, my new promotion, and the new house Karen and I are currently enjoying. There may be other reasons to celebrate, but the current hour of the day prevents memory from being yet green.

We ate at The Red Heifer, a restaurant that has recently opened in Bethesda. Karen has babysat for the Feld's twice so that they could go...shame that we have no babies to give to them so that they can return the favor. Despite that handicap, we went with a song in our hearts.

The food was astounding, the restaurant had pleasant atmosphere, the company was excellent, and I'M STILL FREAKIN' SICK! I'm tired of waking up early in the morning with my head stuffed. I eventually got up and looked at the clock, which told me an alarm was going to go off in a couple of minutes. So, I'm awake and ranting. How the hell are you?

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