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We'll start with Wednesday night's gaming

There's several things I wanted to write about over the last few days. I keep somehow not remembering to write about them, even when I'm checking LJ. I don't have to be at work at any particular time today, so I'll start with Wednesday, and see where I end up. Conveniently, I have to wait half an hour (more is better) between taking my first medicine of the day and having breakfast, so now is an opportune time to post.

Wednesday night is my weekly game night...we usually roleplay, unless we don't get a quorum of 4 players. I'm really starting to get the hang of Savage Worlds. It took a little while to wrap my brain around it, but it's grown on me. Last week's game session went well, and since we're not gaming this week, I have a week to redo my character. I've only made it to 3 out of 6 game sessions; I missed the previous week's session, but the week before was good also. My character was pregenerated by GM geekcave and he doesn't mind my redoing the character. I should have time to meet up with him before we play again, and have him verify that I understand the character creation process.

Thursday was another long day at work...I seem to have racked up three 10-hour days last week. I'll use some of that spare "comp time" (when you're salaried, it doesn't officially get counted as comp time, but they don't mind if you keep that bank of time in mind for use on other days) to get my tires replaced soon. We have a bad case of balding tires, and it's should be fixed before the weather changes too much. Then I joined psujedi and caryabend (among others...see psujedi's posts on the subject to see who else was there) to see basilwhite perform. He was the 5th of 6 comedians that evening, and luckily finished his set in time for me to get out of there and home...I had to be at work on Friday at 7am. The first four comedians were moderately decent, but you can tell that Basil's really worked on his stuff. He was much better than the others. The comedian after him was the 'headliner', but I don't know how funny that guy I said, I had to leave. Now I just need to get estherchaya to see him before I quote his act so much that she's heard the whole thing. 8^) I can't do his delivery, so even if I did quote all the bits I remember, it's funnier when he does it.

We brought Shabbos in early on Friday night, because we were having jeannegrrl, Hillel, and their two children over for dinner. They forgot their booster seat, so they tied Jacob to a chair so that he wouldn't exercise his ability to create Total Chaos (tm). Jacob tends to crash early, which is why we tried to enjoy dinner and finish early, before he got overtired. Good company, good food, and good to catch up with them. They are king and queen of spiffy kitchen equipment. I had previously admired their coffee generation system (don't ask, I'll explain later) and as a thank-you for cat care during their recent vacation, they got me a coffee carafe of the same style they use. I can see I have additional toiveling trips ahead of me. Mmm...toiveling. 8^) Right after they left, I crashed. I guess burning the candle at both ends only works for so long.

Shabbos was good, even though I wasn't very useful for much of it. Despite sleeping from 9pm on Friday until 7am on Saturday, I fell asleep in Shul (but not during the rabbi's talk...go me!) and managed to not be a total grouch during lunch. I did get a couple of hours of nap in, but I still didn't feel like a joy to be around during the evening. When night fell, I perked up a bit. Karen and I went out for a movie. We saw "I, Robot", which I enjoyed. Often when I hear bad reviews, I don't want to see a this case, the movie's nifty qualities overshadowed the fact that the movie had almost nothing to do with Asimov's writing. I could see what the screenwriters were trying to do...they were trying to get 50 years of Asimov's philosophy on robots into a two hour movie and still make Nifty Things Happen, so that the movie would work well. I don't fault them for this. I may talk about this more in another post, if I get the chance. It was much better than anything done to Heinlein's writing, for example. Not that that's saying much...I don't mean to damn it with faint praise.

Sunday was just as busy as any of the other days. I started the day waking up too late to make it to shul. Good thing I stuck around the house...Dad called from Europe, and I hadn't had a chance to talk to him since before we moved. We talked about a number of things, but I don't need to bore you with the details. He hasn't changed. I did a lot of yard work...weeding, mowing, etc. I also pulled three dead azalea bushes...there may be more, but I haven't determined that for certain. I ran out of trash bags for the yard waste, but I need to go to Home Depot anyway for mulch and some other assorted items, so there's more yard work in my future. I still haven't returned the mower to Sears for repair; the mowing got done with a loaner from our neighbors. But the yard looks nice, and that's good.

We joined Ian, Alida, their son Avi, and mscongeniality for the engagement party of morganminstrel and blueraccoon. There were others as well, but I don't necessarily know LJ names to add, and they weren't sitting at our table. So there. 8^) We had fun, and it was good to see the honorees, since they're so rarely in this neck of the woods. Afterwards, we followed Ian and Alida over to Alida's parents' house, because her parents had spent much of the year redoing their kitchen, and we wanted to see the results and get some input. It was time well spent, not including the fact that her parents are lovely people and it's always good to see them. Afterwards, we made a shopping expedition to BJ's, and picked up a lot of things I was reasonably certain we needed, but wanted Karen's opinion on before money was spent. I think it was a good trip...we now have a full set of dairy Pyrex (with lids) and dairy plastic containers. Now, to do the same for meat! After we got everything unpacked, we wound down the evening. I eventually went to bed, got some decent sleep, and got up and wrote this silly post. How are you?
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