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Baby steps

I may not have finished everything, but I have a few small accomplishments under my belt for this week. For example:

- I installed a bulletin board by my desk in my basement office at home. Why? Buttons! I now have about half my button collection out of a box and on the wall. I've tried getting another board of the same type, with no luck. Staples doesn't carry it any more. I'll try Office Depot when I get a chance.

- Yesterday evening, I found ways to install both my tie racks. It took more equipment than I'd thought I'd need, but it was all equipment I had. And I learned something about how plaster operates re: hanging things from it.

- I hung some cheap prints in my office at work yesterday. A Matisse, a Monet, and a Van Gogh. I have another Van Gogh to hang, but I only brought 4 wall hangers and one broke. We'll see if I remember another for today.

- I didn't game last night, which means I didn't drive home and say "Gee, I should take out the trash." So that occurred to me this morning, and I'll do it before I go to work.

- Last night was good. mscongeniality came to visit. We showed her the power and glory that is wood paneling. (There's wood paneling everywhere in this house. Where they couldn't put trim up, they put down wood-grain contact paper. It's astounding.) Then we had dinner. Then we chatted. Then she went home, and Karen fell asleep while I installed tie racks.

Fascinating, eh?
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