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It's been too long since I updated

So, since I don't know how far I'll get in this post, I'll take the chance now to wish everyone a happy and sweet new year.

Life has been busy, and good, and busy. Work has kept me hopping. I have more responsibility, and more to do, and I'm having to keep more stuff in the air. I may have to learn new management skills, mostly to manage the mess on my desk. We'll see how things go, with as much time as I'm taking off this month.

Rosh Hashana starts tomorrow night. It's a full weekend, with two days of new year, Shabbos, and then the Fast of Gedaliah for Sunday. I took Sunday off (since I'm a real gem to be around when I'm fasting) and I may only work 4 days next week. I theoretically could work five, but I don't know how busy home will be vs. work.

In terms of the house, I got rid of the window curtains in the shower, which in combination with the new shower rod means for a much more pleasant shower experience. I may take another one before I go to bed, because I'm icky sticky. It's been a busy day.

We're having people over three nights in a row for dinner. Yes, we're probably crazy. Well, mostly estherchaya is crazy. But I love her anyway. She spent much of the last two nights cooking. Tonight gingy came over and helped out, which really moved things along. There's only one major dish left unfinished, and setup is done for most of the rest of the meals.

At least for tomorrow night's meal, we'll be eating in the living room, under our newly installed ceiling fan. It's a cool way to eat. We had an electrician over yesterday, and he finished one out of three jobs we needed him to do. He'll be back Monday to do the rest. That gives us enough time to go to Home Depot and (after returning a shower rack I decided I don't want) we'll buy another fan for the dining room. We have one for the bedroom that we almost asked him to install in the bedroom, but I don't think it'll provide enough light. *shrugs*

Other than that, we're both happy, reasonably healthy, and looking forward to next year with pleasure. And looking forward to getting enough sleep. Mmm...sleep. Time for my shower and bed.
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