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A busy week

I should be at synagogue right now, but having overslept the last two days (and today being less important for me to be at synagogue right now than yesterday) I decided to not panic and skip it. My body must have needed the rest, or I pushed myself too hard the last few days.

I worked 45 hours last week. Not much more than 40, yes, but those extra 5 hours were me not cleaning the house, not doing anything with webpages, and not catching up on all the recorded TV. This week I'll be working 41 hours, but I'd be working 45 again if I hadn't asked a friend to cover Tuesday night for me (it's Karen's birthday, and it'd be good for us to spend some time together.) I gamed 3 times this week, which is much more than I normally would...but I haven't had a Wednesday night to game in a few weeks, and I won't have it this week either. This means no roleplaying, and no seeing the folks I roleplay with. 8^( This is the way it goes, I guess.

Comcast made some changes this week. This causes other problems. Karen's computer is new enough to catch the dynamic signal when it changes...mine isn't. This means that I reboot my computer daily, and sometimes have to reboot the cable modem as well in order to be able to use the net. This is something that I won't tolerate for much longer. Karen and I will have to discuss solutions, whether it be switching to DSL or me getting an upgrade or switching operating systems. I don't want to spend the money, but spending the time booting (lather, rinse, repeat) is making me very irritated.

'nuff said. I'm going to go read up on what everyone else has been up to, and then I'll either get some cleaning done or head to synagogue for the blood drive. Waa-hoo! 8^)
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