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Contractor Friday

I didn't have to work today, and stayed home to keep the house open for visiting contractors. We finally got the electrician back to finish the fan installation and sundry other work. He installed the new fan & light combo in the dining room (making for cool eating, and helping to move air throughout the upstairs), then installed a wall socket in the utility room (I wanted one on general principles, as the room is large and I didn't plan to run power in from another room if I needed it). Then he installed the fan & light combo in the bedroom ceiling. The bedroom fan is a spiffy model - it has both a timer and a temperature sensor. Thus, it can automagically turn on when the room gets hot, or turn off when we're not around. I haven't programmed it yet, but that's a task for when I myself am cooler.

He also fixed some funky wiring around the circuit breaker box, and was conveniently in the utility room to answer a question from the second contractor who stopped by. The second contractor is someone we'd potentially like to redo our kitchen for us. He came by to take measurements and marvel at the mess that is our kitchen. Part of the reason that I'm warm is that I spent the morning cleaning, so that he could find the kitchen in our madhouse of a mess. I put the passover stuff in the attic to make room in the stairwell closet for some of the boxes that had been in the kitchen. Apparently our kitchen didn't scare him. He was a little concerned about the load-bearing wall that we'd like removed, but he'll look into seeing how risky that'll be. Also, he discovered that the kitchen wall is thicker than the breakfast room wall - four inches thicker. That means that the measurements I did were off, because I failed to note that fact. Silly me. He wished us good stuff for the holidays (he's an Israeli) and headed out. He'll get back to us with his plans and estimate later.

While I was cleaning, a third contractor called. I'd called an HVAC guy a couple of months ago, because we'd like our boiler checked and an estimate on installing central air. The contractor said he'd get back to us (no point turning on the heat in July) when it got cooler, and true to his word he did. We'll have him out in a couple of weeks.

The electrician's last task before leaving was to flip an electrical plug in the living room. One more thing down that had been driving Karen crazy. He wrote up an invoice, which was less than he'd asked for earlier; I'd told him not to bother replacing all the wiring I'd originally asked him to replace, which would have meant time in the attic ripping up boards. We'll worry more about our old wiring later...he seemed less concerned about it than I'd been, and he's the expert.

I've done one load of laundry; I have two more to run and a couple of loads to put away. I also could use a shower, and I need to run out and do some more shopping for pre-fast food. If I don't get online again today, everyone do your best to enjoy tomorrow. I won't be, but I'll try, too.


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Sep. 24th, 2004 05:30 pm (UTC)
My wife called. We have phone/DSL service at home again. Verizon sucks.

I need to do massive amounts of laundry as well (I did the lazy man's trick of buying more socks when I ran out of clean ones earlier this week);1 maybe I can post something by Storvik in between loads (I've barely been able to keep up with this journal at work).

1Hey, it's a lot better than the "just wear them again inside out" trick.

Sep. 24th, 2004 07:17 pm (UTC)
My hubbys' firewall keeps rebooting...I haven't been online as much as I'm accustomed.

Laundry? Ummm....I'm glad your is getting done but I feel compelled to let you know you aren't the only one who buys new ones for the sake of cleanliness occasionally.

And yayor fans that work!!
Sep. 24th, 2004 08:18 pm (UTC)
I haven't even thought about posting Murg stuff in some time. I was thinking that Jim might post something since he recovered so quickly from surgery, but no dice.

Life has been freakin' busy. Perhaps I'll have some spare time in October.
Sep. 24th, 2004 11:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Murg
Khan's probably busy with some nurses.

I still have stuff to do with the Storviks, including the "hey, guess what?" conversation between the two of them.

Jim wasn't sure when he'd be back to writing, which is why he had Lothar take off. I did give him a suggestion that he liked for Lothar's destination.

As for Ken ... feh.
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 24th, 2004 06:03 pm (UTC)
This is the same electrician that Seth once had out because he'd replaced an outdoor light fixture and was worried that he'd done it wrong. So he brought Mike (the electrician) out. Mike looked at it, pronounced it just fine, and wouldn't accept any payment before he went on his way.
Sep. 24th, 2004 06:12 pm (UTC)
Mike deserves pie.
Sep. 24th, 2004 08:02 pm (UTC)
Wow. I wish we could call Mike. Actually, what we need is a reliable plumber. The electrician is fine.
Sep. 24th, 2004 08:19 pm (UTC)
You probably can call Mike
Of course, flying him out there, arranging for daycare for his daughter, etc. probably would destroy the utility of having him at hand...
Sep. 24th, 2004 08:23 pm (UTC)
Re: You probably can call Mike
Well, yes, but only marginally! I don't think I ever posted our incompetant plumber woes from our kitchen renovation. Having a good, honest, electrician is not to be sneezed at.

Of course, the plumber apparently isn't competant about his billing either, so we still owe him ~$600. I'm not sure if we should call and point that out, just in case he thinks he's coming back for the other jobs. (We told his subcontractor to take a hike, but it became clear that he and his subcontractor were going behind each other's backs on all kinds of things, so it's not clear if he was ever told.)
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