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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

The last three-day chag of the year is over.  Life can officially get back to normal.  Here's what's going on:

I sorted mail last night and paid bills.  I have one more bill to pay before I'm done, but that's almost taken care of.
I have <a href="">AZO</a> stuff to take care of.  I'll do that before I head back upstairs.
I have to take our sukkah apart.  I think I'll store it in the attic.  Less chance of anything growing on it than if I store it in the garage.
I have raking and yard management duties to perform.  *twirls finger in air*  I need a lawn service, or to buy a lawn mower.  The HVAC guy can't come tomorrow (when Karen will be home all day) so if he can make it Tuesday or Wednesday, I'll have some time to get it done then.  I'll buy another lawn mower, I guess.  I feel silly continuing to borrow one.
I went to a farewell party for a bit for Jen & Seth Green.  No, not <a href="">that Seth Green</a>, the other one.  I was there for almost two hours, but I realized that I wanted to stop socializing for a bit.  I'm like that sometimes. *shrugs*
I have a full, normal work week ahead of me.  I'd like to finalize plans for my potential trip the last weekend of the month to Atlanta.  Either I need a hotel and plane reservations, or I need to say the hell with it because I've waited too long.  Aside from dealing with the HVAC guy, that is.
As for social contact, there's dinner with a couple of sets of folks (potentially).  Other than that, not much is happening.  We're kinda burnt out after too much socializing and food.

I think that's enough for now.  More work to do.

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