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The Soboroff Standard

According to the Soboroff Standard measuring system for cat growth, the kitten has reached half his adult size.

What is the Soboroff Standard, you may ask? And how do you measure your cat's size vs. the Standard Soboroff, you may ask? Conveniently, there are answers.

First, get a cat. This is likely to be easy if you're reading this journal. Second, get a Soboroff. This is somewhat harder, but is achievable. Next, have the Soboroff measure the cat using the Soboroff Standard. That is, have the Soboroff grab the cat's tail in his fist (either end is appropriate). Then, he should place his next fist adjacent to his first hand, and repeat until he runs out of tail or out of hands. An average cat (measured by a Standard Soboroff - baby Soboroffs have not yet achieved Standard Soboroff size) has a tail three Soboroff fists in length. Our kitten's tail is 1.5 fists in length, and thus he has reached half his adult size.

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