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I have too few entries in my "most recent" entries selection

So now it is time to post.

I can't get anything done upstairs right now...Julian is in bed, and should be sleeping. So, me making noise is counterproductive to that. I could copy some receipts for tax purposes...I guess I can try to do that while I'm writing entries. Assuming, of course, that the copier works. *sigh* Okay, turning it off and on again worked. Here goes.

Looking back on this, I see that it's mighty scatterbrained. Read at your own risk.

So, my "most recent entries" go back to 11/3. That's five months. Sheesh, things have been busy. And I was sick as well on that day. Hunh. Maybe that's why I haven't had time to post...too sick.

Today's adventures involved Karen taking Charlie back to Siamese Rescue. Google it yourself, I'm not going to make the link. I will miss him, but it will be very hard for him to destroy our furniture and stink up our house from 2 hours plus away in VA. While she did that, I (knowing that I wouldn't be able to accomplish anything in the house) took a Sunday drive. Julian, being strapped into 5-point restraints, had no say in the matter. He had fun, looking out the window and pointing at the trucks, so it wasn't wasted for him. We went to my comic book shop (5 months of comix! Woo hoo!), then to my bank (so I could deposit a dollar to finish paying off my car), then to Home Depot (for home improvement and cleanliness odds and ends) and then to briefly visit my mother and brother. Julian and I then hunted dinner (and he flirted with women) and then home for dinner, a movie, and bed. Exciting for him, eh? I'm still here typing.

I'll talk about the usual stuff I talk about in locked posts later. I should be able to get more than one post in, I think, before sleep comes to claim me. So, speaking of Julian, he's doing well. He's cut his top canines, which means that the end is in sight for the non-stop drooling and chewing. It may also end some of the crankiness and irregular sleep patterns. Note that for him, "irregular sleep patterns" means going to bed an hour or so later, and waking up an hour or so earlier. Not too stressful to us, but stressful to him...his Majesty gets irritated when the servants don't let him out of his room to play when he demands it. See "crankiness" above. Now that daylight savings time has kicked in, I should be able to get out of the house without waking him (I'm leaving an hour earlier, according to his internal clock) and *shrugs* he'll be up later. Big deal. He's doing extremely well with his physical abilities...there are kids twice his age who don't have his coordination. He's also speaking more words, albeit not all of them English. What I mean by that is that he uses the same sound to mean the same thing, whether or not he's enunciating clearly enough to be able to be understood by the average English-speaking individual.

I haven't done any home improvement lately, but the cleaning service left a good impression on their first visit. I'll continue to work on the tiling downstairs and in the kitchen, and on the wallpaper in the kitchen when I have the time. Yes, I could do that now, but the kitchen isn't clean enough yet from the weekend for me to do that...and I feel like I've done enough cleaning in there for now.

Speaking of said home improvements, we had our first houseguests over Purim. cellio and her husband came down for the full Feld extravaganza and weren't either eaten by our cats or by our 1970's-era basement. You can tell, because she's still alive to post. This event included opening our house to the seudah guests...not a housewarming party, but as close as we've gotten so far. We're still working on it. We don't have it together the way that some people do. At least I know what to aim for. :)

*ponders* I wonder if people are showing up tomorrow to start installing central air conditioning? Hrm. Must ask Karen.

I never did finish sending New Year's cards. Mea maxima culpa. If you're reading this and you didn't get one, you know to noogie me next time you see me. Not that you didn't already have that in mind.

Having the TV in the bedroom is a goodness. Not that I'm watching it there much (the cable doesn't go there, for example) but when I'm busy in the bedroom/bathroom areas and need to be watching Julian, I can turn on the TV and DVD player, close the door from the hallway to the living room, and be reasonably certain that Julian won't have built a nuclear device while I'm not paying full attention to him. Wednesday night, though, when I was too sick to go downstairs to watch tube, Karen and I started watching first season Angel on the bedroom tube. Lying in bed, watching TV? Darn close to heaven when sick.

Okay, that covers the last five months of review of my journal., onto the locked stuff.
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