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Good radio stations

I occasionally listen to WRNR when driving back and forth to work. It's like a college radio station without the college. I had a hankering for some Talking Heads, so I called and requested it. The DJ was savvy enough to realize I was on my way to work and asked how long I'd be listening. I told him half an hour, got off the phone, and slowed down a notch so that I would be in the car longer. This was useful, because at one point a state trooper passed me.

He put "Memories Can't Wait" on for me, off of Fear of Music. It was especially spooky, because reception was fading in and out when it came on. After I got out of the car, I called RNR back to thank him. I also let him know that thanks to him, I was passed by the police. His response? "Sounds like synchronicity to me."

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