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Post-Passover quick update

I was reading my mail and noticed an old friend (black_op) is now on LJ. I then said to myself, "Self: the last time I tried to use thetaet's LJ nifty stuff, memories were down. She has a tool listed to check friend vs. friend...maybe I have new friends?" I don't check often to see if someone new has friended me, so it hadn't occurred to me to check since memories came back up.

Well, shoot...I can't get to that entry right now, even though memories are working. So, I went through my friends list manually, and discovered there's about five new people. Hi, people! Just FYI: I don't friend people from this journal unless I know their real names. So, if you'd like to be able to read my exciting locked posts (tm), I'll need to know who you are. If you don't want to say, no worries.

So, Passover (so far) has been good. More on that after I catch up with mail and paying bills and laundry and other exciting stuff.
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