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So, we're almost done with May. Let's see...

Tomorrow will be the last of 6 Fridays in a row that I'll be taking off. I'd originally planned to have the spare time to get yardwork and house stuff done, but having seen how much vacation time I'll need to take off in October (and how much work I have to accomplish) I'll try to get by without those days off for now. I haven't done yardwork in a bit, but perhaps there will be weekend or evening time soon to do so. It hasn't helped that it's rained so much lately...that is, the rain has helped the yard (we needed the rain) but I haven't had the opportunity to do the work even when I've had the time.

I've started a new (old) medication for my arthritis: diclofenac. This is not a Cox-2; I didn't want to go back to Celebrex since I already knew that it was inadequate. So far, I can't say that there's improvement. Yes, I'm not in pain, but my stomach's hurting and I'm not happy. I'm going to give it a week before I call my doctor and discuss things with him. There's only one or two other choices, so hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back to my normal comfort level.

Well, I started this post at 11, and it's now 3pm. I guess I got preoccupied. *sigh* More another time.


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May. 27th, 2005 05:18 pm (UTC)
did you ever try taking MSM for your joints> i take it for my nails/skin, and i hear its main benefit is joint stuff.
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