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Catching up

I was last able to read LJ last Friday. Since that point, I haven't had much time to catch up, due to holidays and other stuff that required my time. I think I'm now caught up on my friends (e.g. people) and feeds. I haven't read communities yet. I had (I think) more than 200 entries to go re: people alone. So, since I didn't exactly have time to comment on much of 200 entries, congratulations, mazal tov, sympathies, condolences, and all the other stuff you'd like me to post regarding the life events you posted about. I love you all, and I wish I had more time to respond, or that you wrote less. *grin*

There's lots of stuff going on. The only one I have time to mention now is that my car broke 100K miles. And now I am warrantyless. Want more? Read estherchaya.
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