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J. Random Update

Let's see...most recently, I took a generic Claritin. I'd been out in the yard, spraying Round-Up on some insistant weeds/grass, and the afternoon mosquitos decided I was a tasty snack. Needless to say, I'm itchy.

Before that, I was bringing in Karen's collection of stuff from Target, which included the big bottle of Round-Up. I put two replacement bulbs in the living room fan/light fixture, and noted that 60 watts was indeed the correct bulb strength. I put away a bunch of stuff, some effectively...some less effectively. Karen will either thank me or be irritated at me (or both) for my semi-industrious state.

Before that, I was refilling the dairy dishwasher after having emptied it of the previous batch of stuff. We're in the 9 Days prior to Tisha b'Av, so meat is out for the next week. When I thought of that, I took all the meat products out of the kitchen freezer and moved them to the basement freezer; I also brought up many dairy products from downstairs, to improve the chances of dinner happening. 8^) I think, after this load finishes, I'll hand-wash the remaining meat dishes so that I can hand-wash the remaining dairy dishes. The kitchen will be mostly dairy for the next week (Julian and Gina can eat what they want, not being obligated to fulfill this mitzvah) so it'd be good to get the meat stuff out of the way and the dairy stuff cleaned as well.

Before that, my left eye was hurting, and I was considering a nap. Before that, I was catching up on LJ. Last week was so busy, I stopped reading LJ around Wednesday. I hope I'm caught up, but if I'm not, oh well. I guess if I missed your post, you'll either forgive me for not commenting, or curse me to be bitten by mosquitos. But I digress.

That sounds like Karen's car horn beeping, saying that it's locked. I'll go check that out...yes, that was Karen. She brought home groceries, and Julian woke up from his nap. I'll post more later, if I get the chance.
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