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J. Random Update, Jr.

So, where were we? Oh, Karen came in, Julian got up, I held him for a while (he was whiny) and we sat in front of the tube. Julian's mood pepped up, Karen made dinner, I ate it (it was yummy) and she left for Jo's. Julian wanted dinner, I started to feed him; the phone rang. It was Dad, calling from Europe. He plans to stay there for another 8 months and one week, as circumstances don't seem to give him any opportunity to be seen any time soon in this neck of the woods. Then Julian started barfing, so I hung up on Dad, took care of Julian, put him to bed, and now here we are again.

I'm sure y'all find this extremely fascinating. Well, here's more of it.

I've been feeling generally shitty lately. If it's not one thing, it's another. While Julian watched TV (see above paragraph), my left eye started hurting again, and so I semi-dozed through a fair amount of the new Wiggles DVD Karen bought him. No great loss...something tells me I'll get the gist of the plot of the DVD later, in one of my later viewings of said recording. Between my eye and my head and my left knee and the other parts of me, I'm starting to feel decrepit. Blargh. And now the kvetching ceases. It'll get sorted out or it won't.

I have a doctor's visit on Tuesday to get my knee looked at. I have an eye appointment the following week on Wednesday to get new glasses (and sunglasses! finally!) so that I'm not having to look through scratches or squint against the summer glare. I should make a dentist appointment, but with as busy as things have been at work, it's hard for me to figure out appointment times far in advance. I'll get it figured out sooner or later.

Eldridge worked in the basement for close to 7 hours today. The room is now mostly drywalled. We have another contractor coming on Tuesday afternoon to give a quote on working on the basement bathroom and closet space. Karen and I need to go looking for paint colors for after Eldridge spackles and gets the walls otherwise ready. (Goes and checks.) Nope, we don't need to buy primer...we still have 3+ cans from when I was priming the kitchen walls. So, the thing we need is whatever final color we want the walls to be, and any subsidiary equipment etc. that we want to pattern said paint.

So, yeah, that's sort of what's going on lately: Julian care, time with Karen (or with Julian to facilitate Karen Doing Stuff), work, and occasional other stuff. I'll mention Shabbat, but mostly to say that dinner and company was good, and Karen knocked out another meal that couldn't be beat. The rest of the day was less than ideal, due to the aforementioned aches and pains. Even pain meds didn't help enough to make things improve. Oh, wait, I'm kvetching again. Time to stop.

Yes, this is scatterbrained. What, you were expecting quality entertainment? For free???
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