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Update, take 2

I was trying to update before, but then PharmNet crashed. I've been told that today is a day to reboot any time PharmNet crashes, so I gave up on the update. Here goes again.

Karen picked up Julian early from school yesterday. The poor kid was running a fever and feeling miserable. He was better by the time I came home. Karen went to Columbia to meet LJ friends who were in from the West Coast; I gave Julian some ibuprofen in a cup of juice and the two of us went out to do things. Manly things! We went to Home Depot to get paint chips in a variety of colors of pink (that's "rose" colors for you non-manly types) now that Eldridge has finished with the wall construction in the basement. Eldridge primed the walls on Sunday, so we're good for him to finish the painting...er, when we have paint. I'd gotten light green paint color chips earlier in the week, and had forgotten that the other color of choice was rose. Silly me. Must be testosterone poisoning. Julian was happy to be at Home Depot when looking at the lawn mowers and yard tools...not so much when looking at paint chips. Yes, he's male. The two of us then went to Sienna's. Julian had pizza; I had a burrito. Julian was very cute, very happy, and behaved very well. We then went home; he curled up in the big bed and watched Thomas for a bit while I folded laundry and got his bedtime stuff together. He went down easily, and then I went downstairs to run more laundry. After laundry, I came up and emptied the dishwasher. An exciting, manly bachelor evening. Karen came home and we watched an episode of Angel before I conked out for the night.

Speaking of home renovation, it's on our list of things to do to call one or both of the contractors back who offered us (potentially) reasonable estimates on the downstairs bathroom. One of them is a lot more than the other, but includes a nebulous "fixture allowance" in their estimate. Once we nail that down, then we'll be good to proceed. Oh, and I just remembered to try to call the handyman about the leak Eldridge discovered that's likely coming from the upstairs shower.

As per my various injuries, my arm is not yet healed, but it's a lot better than it was last time I wrote. I'll be going in for surgery on my knee on the last Thursday of the month. Expect incessant updates that Friday. :) If I'm able to walk that Monday, I'll go in to work, and if not, I'll have a really long time away from work; Rosh Hashana begins Monday night, and I'll be out for that (and a fast day) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. October will be an interesting month due to the holidays; I'll be there only half of the work days that month.

Speaking of work, a lot of things popped up to derail the process changes we were going to make. They're still being worked on, but different parts of it will be done at different times. It'll all get sorted out, but instead of jumping in both feet, we're going to stick a toe in the water and see if we freeze. I'll post more another time.

I thought I had more to write about. Guess I was wrong. More later, I guess.


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Sep. 15th, 2005 12:05 am (UTC)
i cant wait to see the rose/green ness. quick healing on all your injuries...
Sep. 15th, 2005 01:39 am (UTC)
I hope you feel better quickly in all ways.
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