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A day off! (But not a day not busy...)

"Your expected wait time is less than 6 minutes!"

So, I'm on the phone with Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield. Remember when I had a 6 week cold? I ended up getting a CT scan, and I recently got a bill from the radiology center. I'd like to find out that Carefirst is taking care of things, because I don't want to pay the $559 bill. Not that I couldn't, but I have health insurance to take care of that.

I've spent much of the last hour or so on the phone trying to get a car problem taken care of. On January 25th my car was rear ended, and the person who hit me has not called their insurance. They're also very hard to pin down, so I've had to call in the police on the issue. I'd like to find out that their insurance is taking care of things, because I don't want to pay the $409.50 repair bill. Not that I couldn't, but they should have car insurance to take care of that.

I worked 30 hours in the last 3 days. It's good that my sweetie woke me this morning with a phone call, because it's entirely possible I could have slept until I needed to wake to go to work tomorrow. There's stuff to do, by golly! When I leave here, I'm going to go to the cleaners to pick up some clothing and drop some more off. I'll also pick up some more lip balm (I seem to have lost mine) for my chapped lips, and a bit of equipment from Staples so that Karen and I can better control our income & spending. Then I'll come back here, drop off the stuff, and head to the gym.

I've been both bad and busy. And alliterative! I haven't made it to the gym in long enough that my body is telling me that not going is a bad idea. We've been busy, though, so it hasn't all been wasted time. The upstairs bathroom is painted, and the towel rack is rehung, and the new shelving is hung as well. Yay! Soon we'll have the touch-up painting done, and the border up on the wall near the ceiling. Then, the hard work: the bedroom. Or perhaps the foyer. Or maybe the living room... 8^)

So, if Carefirst ever picks up, I'll be able to go on with my day. Wish me luck!


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Feb. 13th, 2002 11:13 am (UTC)
"Your expected wait time is less than 6 minutes!"

...For a definition of "minute" that is comparable to that of "day" in Bereishit. :-)

On January 25th my car was rear ended, and the person who hit me has not called their insurance.

Ooh, bad driver! (Is it too much to hope for "no renewal for YOU, doofus"?) But isn't your own insurance company involved? If so, wouldn't they be going after the other company on your behalf?

Several years ago I was in an accident (police presence and everything, and *clearly* not my fault). After a few days I called my insurance company to see what was up and they said they hadn't heard from the other company yet. Being impatient, I called the other company. The exchange went something like this:

"Hi, I'm calling about an accident involving one of your customers, [name]."
"Just a minute... [click click] Ok, this is the accident on October 16?"
"No, this is the accident on November 30."
"We don't know anything about an accident on November 30".
"She ran a red light and hit a pedestrian. Would you like a copy of the police report?"
"Um... please tell us more."

I really, really hope that that policy was not renewed. Two accidents in six weeks is bad enough, but trying to hide one from your insurance company when there was an injury and a police report is stupid</em>. Which might have come in handy if the case had actually gone to court rather than being settled privately.
Feb. 13th, 2002 02:12 pm (UTC)
It was a kid.
She did very little damage to my car.
These things happen.

Now that I've let the voice of reason speak, she needs to learn to report the little things, or otherwise bigger things happen. 'nuff said.

It took longer than 6 minutes. However, I had things to keep me amused, so it wasn't all bad. 8^)
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