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X-posted from sethrpg:

My nefarious plans are coming together.

What's funny is that my previous post in that journal (locked to non-friends there) was exactly one year ago today. Cunning plans for RPG's are hard to come by when you're as busy as me.

sethrpg is where I post stuff about a GURPS Infinite Worlds campaign I was running for a while. Public posts are for all, mostly the players. I don't friend the players (e.g. I don't want geekcave to read the locked posts) because I use the locked posts to query interested parties for their opinions on the sessions I'm planning. What's funny about GURPS is that since I last ran the game, GURPS has been updated (to 4th Edition) and Infinite Worlds is now the default campagin setting. So, there's a lot more material now for me to work with than there was a year ago.

osewalrus, if you want me to run this campaign, don't read the backlog of posts at sethrpg. Not that you have time or anything.
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