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How rare

Julian's asleep. He's still asleep. I think he's recently entered his third hour of nap. I guess the "ice cream coma" effect is much more powerful on a two year old than, say, his abba-who-has-ten-times-his-mass. Heh.

I've kept busy with post-Shabbat cleaning. I've done two loads of laundry and am running a load of dishes in the dishwasher. I came downstairs to kill time while the drier finished running; now I can run another load in the washer. What can I say? My life is exciting.

Oh, the reason that Julian got ice cream was that he got a haircut, and he did very well. Now I'm waiting for Karen to come home and validate that the haircut looks nice. :)

I guess if Julian's still asleep after I fold this latest load of laundry, there's a living room to clean. If anyone wants to save me (us) from this exciting life, feel free to call. We're not up to anything more exciting than this.

And my drop-down list of icons is missing. Very unusual.

*edit* Okay, once I edited, it appeared. Weird.
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