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Further exciting cleaning updates

(Originally posted at 2026 01/22/06)

The penultimate load is in the washer. The previous load is in the drier. When the washer finishes running, the drier will still be going for a few minutes. I'll head up and fold laundry then, and bring the empty laundry basket back down. While I'm waiting for that, I've been moving stuff from cardboard boxes into new plastic box homes, and tossing the cardboard. That has meant games for the most part, although I found a bunch of buttons I was missing. This means I have different buttons to wear for a few weeks. Most importantly, I found some of the missing IT-related buttons, so I have stuff to wear to the Pharmacy/ITG meeting to make folks chuckle.

I'm sorry that I can't post anything more exciting than this. It's good that I'm being productive, isn't it?

Oh, and I'm enjoying listening to WRNR while I work. You can listen to it anywhere in the why aren't you?

Update (2211 01/22/06)
The last load is in the drier. The meat and dairy dishwashers are emptied, and I'll load the dairy dishwasher (and run it) when I head back upstairs. I sorted the better part of two years of comics, and discovered that some of the issues in between are missing. I'd suspect myself (clearly my filing systems are not robust) but the things that I regularly get are all's the extra stuff I have them looking out for that is the problem. I asked them to give me anything put out by John Byrne, Peter David, J. Michael Stracyznski, and Joss Whedon. Some of those are okay, but there are holes in most of them. I'd log the stuff into my records and send an email to my FLCS, but my eyes are starting to hurt. Time to call it a night for productivity. I think I'll watch an old Buffy episode or two to relax.

Oh, by the way, osewalrus, this means that I can reliably lay my hands on my dead-tree editions of Girl Genius. Feel free to borrow them at your leisure.

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