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It's been a month since...

...I mentioned that the bathroom was being worked on. It's been done for a bit (save the last thing, which the contractor needs to come back for, hanging the shower curtain rod) but I don't think Karen's had a chance to put pictures of it up yet. Needless to say, it's improved immensely.

Checking estherchaya's journal, I see she hasn't posted in detail recently about work underway. So, the bathroom is done. We knew we were going to get the two rooms downstairs carpeted, as well as the stairs and the stair landings at the top and bottom of the stairs. So, it made sense to get some painting done prior to carpeting. We called our handyman (who also has painters on his payroll) and they promised to be here Monday.

So, in addition to shoveling on Sunday (did you hear that it snowed?), I got to express my inner Vandal. I took my prybar to the collection of cabinetry that the previous owner had arranged to be installed at the top of the stairs. Removing it did some damage to the plaster, but once it was gone, it looked better already. It was important to remove that stuff because in addition to being poorly designed, it had been painted the same color as the stairwell, and we weren't going to pay to repaint it.

The painters did come as promised on Monday, and finished today. We also had them paint the bedroom. The bedroom's green, and the stairwell is pink. Karen expected both to be different shades; considering what was there before, I'm happy no matter what color they are. Both are very light shades...easy to remedy if we so choose to do ourselves. Importantly, all the wall damage in the stairwell is improved.

We rushed about this evening, acquiring a babysitter and heading to the carpet place, getting there just before they closed. They'll come this week and measure, and quote us a price based on the carpet we're interested in getting. That will close this chapter of home improvement, save for fixing a few odds and ends remaining to be resolved. Odds and ends only, mind you. The next projects will take more effort, time, and money, and probably won't happen no use talking about them now.
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