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Home alone

After Shabbos, Karen left to go visit psujedi at her home, since she's back from the hospital with the freshly minted boy. I stayed home with our non-so-freshly-minted boy, and eventually got him a bath, pj's and bed. I then had to wait up for approximately an hour so that I could make sure he wasn't gargling his water, pounding on the walls, or doing other obnoxious crap. Aah, youth. Once I was sure that there was no extraneous noises coming from his room (and I was done checking out my friendslist) I emptied, loaded, and ran the dishwasher, and then made a bit of progress in the basement.

Yes, the basement. Remember the basement? The carpet looks freakin' amazing. It's so nice to look from the dining room into the stairwell and not see clutter or dirty avocado green paint. The carpet runs from the top of the stairs, all the way down, and clockwise through the basement to where the tile in the new closet starts. Yee-ha. Of course, all the nonfurniture stuff had to be moved to make it possible for the carpet guys to do their thing, so the ex-kitchen is filled with stuff, and the assorted furniture is all in the recently-redone bedroom down there...the room adjacent to the closet and bathroom, to be exact.

Well, the beauty of the carpet really highlights the dinginess and ugliness of the office. There's supposed to be woodwork around some plumbing, but it was taken out prior to us buying the house, and it's never been a priority for us to repair it. The walls and ceiling need to be painted, and two doors (the door between the office and bedroom, and the office closet door) had to be taken off their hinges to get the carpet down. The closet door is solid wood, and can be planed; the other door (as well as the door that goes into the office from the stairway landing) is crap, and should be replaced with something less crappy. I see trips to Home Depot in our future for the stuff we can do, and more hiring of our handyman for stuff we can't. It was his guys who did the recent painting in the bedroom and stairwell. They didn't do as precise a job as the painter who did our living room and dining room, but they were less expensive and faster. Plus the minor fact that the guy who did the living/dining rooms is no longer professionally painting is a minor but important factor. His clearance came through, so he's workin' for The Man.

Karen and I chatted a bit in general about the basement, and I fully agree with her that I had too much stuff in there to have the space be useful. I decided to start taking stuff to the attic, to store there instead. The attic has the same footprint as the basement, save for the sunroom addition: approximately 40' by 30'. Due to the slope of the roof, not all the space is usable. Certainly nothing can be stored above the sunroom, but I find that (except for the space taken up by the stairwell, A/C, and previous house fan location) that there's about a five-yard usable space to put things. Sadly, that space is highly congested. I looked through the unemptied office closet, and cleared most of it out, moving a baker's dozen boxes to the attic. I know I'll have the time to move stuff upstairs on occasion, but going through to sort what can be donated or discarded will take more time than I have this evening. I did move one box filled with magazines from the closet towards the garage, for eventual disposal. I'm finding that I tend not to review my magazines any more, even though I don't discard them right after reading them. Maybe I'll break that habit over time.

I can see that it's time to put some organization in the attic - I'll pick up a couple sets of utility shelves next time I'm at BJ's. I'll bet they'll be less expensive there than at Home Depot, even though HD will have a greater selection. That'll allow us to sort what's there more easily, as there's starting to not be room to maneuver in the easiest-to-get-to corner. We'll also be looking for ways to utilize the top of the stairs adjacent to the dining room - Karen mentioned The Container Store, and failing that Home Depot or the otherwise not-to-be-named Friendly Neighborhood Swedish Home Funishings Store will likely have usable shelving systems to meet our needs without creating the clutter magnet that was there before.

Okay, I'm not sweaty any more. I'm going to find something else to drink and get a bit more box-moving done. Perhaps I'll tackle the file cabinets next...

Update: Okay, since this doesn't want to update, I've done one file cabinet. I've also decided that the next file cabinet will be my last of the night. And I need to remember that we need some way of storing videotapes and DVD's in the bedroom, so that Julian doesn't get his grubby little hands all over them. Again.

Second update: Okay, file cabinets are done. I see that it's time to clean out a few things that the previous owner/previous tenant left behind - there's junk that's taking up storage space that can go in the garage until the next run to the dump. There are some storage shelves in the utility room that maybe could be moved to the attic, if they can be disassembled. That would give us some options without cluttering the utility room much more than it already is. I had another thought, but it's gone. I guess I'll catch it another time.


Feb. 27th, 2006 04:24 am (UTC)
I will not get rid of books. I'm trying to find more shelving options for books.

As I said... you and Seth are just like ixixlix and Mr. Potatohead. They won't get rid of books either. In fact, they went and added on a pool room, just so that they could line it with built-in bookshelves for the books they wouldn't get rid of.

You really have to come out to Los Angeles :-)
Feb. 28th, 2006 12:26 am (UTC)
You really have to come out to Los Angeles :-)

Been there. Done that. Willing to do that again, but flying 2 hours with a 2 year old was horrible. Flying 4 hours with a two year old is likely to have a square function, not a simple multiplier.
Feb. 28th, 2006 01:26 am (UTC)
Actually, it (a) gets easier as they get older, and (b) gets easier with portable DVDs and games.
Feb. 28th, 2006 02:54 am (UTC)
Oh, we had the portable DVD player. Julian, however, cannot be contained in a seat. He wants to run around, except when he has motion sickness. Then he wants to vomit. Yaay, vomit!