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Vacation post-vacation

Today almost feels like a vacation. Here's why:

On Tuesday evening, I started to feel sick. Wednesday I was definitely sick, and stayed so (to at least some degree) through Thursday. Thursday night we packed up and drove back from Maine. I'd gotten a nap Thursday afternoon, so the drive home wasn't as hard as the drive up. Still, not feeling great. Friday I spent doing lots of post-trip stuff - unpacking, cleaning, etc. Midmorning I was wondering why I felt so cruddy. Duh - I hadn't eaten breakfast or taken my medication. No routine = not following my schedule. *shrugs* I had a quick bite and a drink and felt a bit better. Then things went downhill again in the afternoon. I spent Friday night and all day Saturday feeling just as bad as Tuesday/Wednesday. I called my doctor Saturday evening after Shabbos and he gave me some instructions on what to do for symptomatic relief. (It was his opinion that it was a viral and not a bacterial infection.) It took the rest of the evening for me to get comfortable, but I eventually did sleep.

I woke this morning feeling okay. I took some more medicine for relief when I had a recurrence of symptoms, but haven't had to take any more since this morning...a good sign, especially because the medicine only lasts 4-6 hours. Julian's mother came by to take him out for the day at 8:45am, so I ran to BJ's in the morning. Karen and I went out for lunch and got to see Seth and Jen (in from Uzbekistan for the first time this year) and then we came back and I headed out again, this time to Costco. Yes, we are now sufficiently stocked up post-holiday.

So, no child care duties, and I'm getting things done. Maybe not things that should be done, but I'm caught up on LJ and I'm posting and I'm going to take care of bills and do some cleaning prior to Julian coming back. It's like a vacation, yes.

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