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On Wednesday, I started to feel unwell. At first I simply attributed it to exhaustion (after all, I have plenty of reasons to be tired), but it was clear the next morning that it went well beyond that. The fever was a big hint. I dropped an email off to work that I was going to try to get stuff done at home that I could email in, rather than shlepping in...but I soon discovered that not everything that needed to be done could be done from home. I drugged myself, did what I could, and went in. I was in from 11am or so until 1:30pm. I was there longer than I expected because I was trying to wait for someone to send me a document I needed; she sent it at 1:50pm, so now I'm hoping I don't need it for anything. Our printer at home isn't connecting real well.

On Friday I went to my doctor. I drove there in the AM (I couldn't call, because I couldn't talk), got a 2:30pm appointment, and then came back for that appointment later. I spent most of the time in between sleeping. My doctor (actually, this time, my nurse practitioner) determined that it wasn't strep, but it was something that could either be viral or bacterial. So, because she could cover all the bases, she did. I had to go to two different pharmacies to get the drugs (the antibiotic is an older, not-very-common one) but I've been medicated since yesterday. The fever comes and goes, the pain rises and falls, and I sometimes can or cannot speak, depending on how my mouth and throat feel. I haven't been eating much, due to the mouth pain. It's been less-than-fun.

Aside from the fever returning in the last couple of hours, I think I'm improving, overall. I can almost talk like normal, more than the last few days, and I was able to eat a bit more for "dinner" than I had been for "lunch".

Okay, dizzy now. Time to go get more water.
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