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Post-Purim Ponderings

I had planned to update my journal last night, but LJ wasn't working. Go fig.
Karen got back Monday. Yay! Monica came into town and hung out for a bit. She also delivered this spiffy much-larger monitor for my viewing pleasure. Woo hoo!
Yesterday we picked ourselves up and went over to Harold & Becky's for their annual Purim seudah (banquet). We got there early to set up, which meant that we got first crack at the fine collection of liquor (mostly single-malt scotch). Much fun and amazement was had, due to this year's special guests: a bagpiper and a haggis. Kosher haggis!?! Yes, it's true. Karen had to leave early, sadly, due to needing to check on her dad's animals and head to her Tuesday night class. There was too much food, and I was plenty tired due to overeating and liquor-indulging. I stayed to help clean up for a while, but when our hosts were asleep I figured it was safe to bug out myself. I came back here and had a relaxing and nonproductive evening watching an online chat about magazine publishing. (Okay, so it wasn't that exciting, but I enjoyed myself.)
And now I need to be off to work, so I bid you all to have an excellent day!
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