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Naptime for Julian

I may have mentioned this in the past; earlier this year, we moved our bedroom to the basement. Julian's bedroom, of course, remained on the first floor.

Julian was put down for a nap around 1:30pm this afternoon. I'm not certain of the time, because I was feeling pretty horrible. I think he went down well, although it's hard to say. In short, there was no noise transmitting from his room through to the basement where I was resting. Karen eventually joined me, as she wasn't feeling well either. She eventually fell asleep, and I did as well, although a lot lighter sleep than she was in. This is because I started hearing noises.

Now, I wasn't entirely certain that those noises were from Julian's room. We have steam heat, so the boiler makes a fair amount of noise when operating. The pipes expand when heated, so there's poppings and cracklings that happen progressively throughout the house. The boiler, however, eventually shut off, and the noises created by it abated. The noises coming from the vicinity of Julian's room, though, increased in volume, frequency, and severity.

Around 4pm I realized that the noise had reached a level that I was not prepared to suffer through any longer. It sounded like Julian had emptied all of his Legos or Mega Blocks across the floor, and was either jumping off the bed onto them or was riding his tricycle over them. I came upstairs...to discover Julian playing with three small pieces of plastic that go with one of his trucks. I suspect he was knocking them into each other, billiard-style, and the sound was amplified by our wooden floor.

If the boy can generate that many decibels with three small pieces of plastic, what's going to happen when he can apply more force? I fear for the stability of our planet, which is a tiny, fragile thing.


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Nov. 20th, 2006 05:25 pm (UTC)
Could it be because you're in the basement. My folks have a guest bedroom in the basement, and I have been stunned at how the floor resonates even the gentlest footsteps above. We've started bringing earplugs when we sleep there.
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