September 30th, 2001

Go Die!

First entry! Woo hoo!

I could spend my first entry talking about things. But I won't. There's time for all of that stuff later.

I just got back from seeing David Byrne in concert. He was awesome. We missed a good chunk of the show...the tickets were misprinted. His band was pretty darn awesome. His bassist sang just about all the backing vocals as duets (and did so while playing a 5-string bass). He had both a drummer and a percussionist. And, right as we showed up, he added 3 violin players, a viola player, and 2 cellists. They added quite a bit to the quality and complexity of the music. If he's coming to your town, I highly recommend you fit in the time to check out this show.

And we had good beer.

Less topical stuff later.
Go Die!


I feel cruddy. Intestinal upset. I think I'm going to have to turn in soon. 8^(

On the upside, I worked today. (work? Upside?) The joy of working Sundays is that things are relatively quiet and there is minimum hassle. I stayed busy all day, and was kept busy, but was not frantic. This is the thing I'm going to miss most about working fewer Sundays. What I'll enjoy more, of course, is being with friends on their schedule. That is a goodness.