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So, at the change of seasons, Julian often has issues with postnasal drip. Because he does not take medicine well (read: we give him medicine and he barfs) we usually just hope the postnasal drip does not develop into anything worse. For example, barfing.

Today was the third time he's barfed in two weeks. Well, it's more than that, but it's the third time it's required washing of sheets and comforters and other bed-covering materials. And remember, of course, that we still don't have a dryer, so even if our washing machine is working we still have to schlep stuff elsewhere to dry it. Thank heavens for Felds, who have been incredibly generous in donating their machinery, water, power, and sundries to helping us make it through this rough patch.

In addition to sniffly Julian, today we also have sniffly Karen and sniffly Seth. I picked up a cold (yes, I received a flu vaccination several weeks ago - the cold is miserable, but it's not the flu) on Tuesday, and yesterday Karen and Julian started showing signs of it. Right now, all of us are congested in various ways and not likely to make much of the day.

Since I am the most functional of the bunch, I'm working on the laundry and dishes (from Shabbos and Thanksgiving). That is, as per normal processes, I'm letting the automation take care of it. There's a load of dishes in the fleishig dishwasher, and a load of laundry running at both our house and at osewalrus and beckyfeld's house. I'll go back there in an hour or so with the stuff that ran here and see what can go into their dryer. I'm planning to simply leave our detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softener there - it's not doing us much good here, after all.

Speaking of dryers again, I just called Sears' helpless line, with their fabulous voice unrecognition system. It has trouble with my normal voice, but since I am currently husky (hooray for lung congestion!) it took even longer than normal. It did get me a person, so I am once again scheduled for yet another Friday of fun, waiting for the Sears technician to show and fix the dryer. Again.

I doubt it's a good idea to try to do yard work today - if I'm going to do anything, it should be either work inside the house, or boy maintenance activities. Julian is currently ensconced in front of the TV, enjoying the Ice Age sequel. It's the first non-Cars movie he's seen in some time, and I think a new movie is a good idea for now - it keeps him occupied so that we can try to recuperate.

There will probably be more later. TTFN, y'all.
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