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Oh boy

Last night, as I was heading downstairs to bed, Karen met me at the bottom of the stairs and warned me to not be mad. She showed me the mess Julian had made of our bedroom - I had to laugh. She'd let him take a block of styrofoam downstairs, not realizing that he would reduce it to its component pellets and spread them on every surface in the room. Yowza.

I suggested pulling out the old vacuum cleaner and getting the majority of it, but Karen instead suggested moving the Roomba virtual wall to confine it to our bedroom (instead of the entire carpeted area downstairs) and let it do the job. I agreed, and we let the robot roam and herd cats while it reclaimed our floor. Karen at one point said, "It's sad that this is our evening entertainment..." I think I disagreed - the Roomba is entertaining to watch, at least on occasion. I'm curious about its decision-making algorhythms; you know, why it chooses to turn right or left when it hits an obstacle, or how it realizes it has hit a furniture leg and it needs to circle it to clean appropriately. The TUGs at work don't have any processes like that - if something blocks their path, they stop and call for help. It's less impressive to me than the iRobot.

Once the Roomba had cleaned the majority of the styrofoam, I emptied it out and got it to its home base for recharging. I'll run it again tomorrow morning after I leave for work - that should let it get the majority of the remaining styrofoam and most of whatever else has been spilled on the floor since the last cleaning cycle. When I emptied it last night, it was about 2/3rds styrofoam, and 1/3rds cat hair...and that room was last vacuumed on Friday. I imagine those numbers will be reversed when I empty it out after tomorrow's run. Of course, I could also shave the cats.

One positive thing about being slow with the yard work - the neighborhood gardener covets our oak leaves, as they're good for mulch. We last had a street cleaning/leaf pickup about three weeks ago, and there hasn't been a good opportunity for me to rake since then. He might help himself to some of our leaves tomorrow while we're out. Hot-diggity-dog.

At this point in the day, I've done three loads of laundry (all that's left for now is to pick up the dry duvet cover from the Felds), emptied and run the dishwasher twice (it's on a cycle right now), and gotten Julian down for a nap. As soon as he stops making noise, I think I'll head downstairs for one myself. I'd really like to have the go-juice to make more things happen, but I feel like I should recharge while Julian does so, as I'm sure he'll be rarin' to go again once he's up.
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