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And I almost forgot

Not that I remembered to mention this until now, but I'm headed to Anaheim, CA on Sunday to participate in the annual migration of US pharmacists to ASHP Midyear. See if you want more details. I'll be there through Thursday.

If some of you want to see me while I'm there, it may be possible to arrange it. This means you also have to be in SoCal if you want that to happen. Silly humans. I'm sick, but I'm not that confused.

The days are literally packed at these things, but because of my weird need for kosher food, I'll be acquiring a rental car to facilitate foraging. This also means that I should be able to see people, 'cuz I hear LA has roads. Not that I'm 100% certain, but I hear that from time to time from cahwyguy.

I should have email there, and I plan to take my cellphone. If you don't already know how to reach me via those methods, now's a good time to mention it.

Okay, time to put the boy to bed. Y'all be well, mmmkay?

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